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Feng Shui Concepts to Help Your Home Sell (Read Our 7 Simple Decor Ideas!)

Will Featherstone

Having the right real estate agent means having someone who is committed to helping you buy or sell your home with the highest level of expertise in y...

Having the right real estate agent means having someone who is committed to helping you buy or sell your home with the highest level of expertise in y...

Feb 7 4 minutes read

When you’re selling your home, first impressions mean everything! Having successful home showings can make your home sell faster! Applying basic feng shui concepts to the decor of your home can bring positive and harmonious energy to those who enter your home, all while helping your home look and feel great! 

Here are some ideas on how to sell your home with feng shui principles: 

1. Pay special attention to the front door.

In feng shui, the front door is seen as the “mouth of chi.” Chi is the “life force” of all things, and so, the front door is seen as one of the most powerful parts of a home. It is believed that abundance, blessings, opportunities, and good fortune all enter through the front door. The front door also gives buyers an initial impression of how well sellers have taken care of the rest of the property. 

Make sure the front door is swept clean, free of clutter, and that all lighting is straight, properly hung, and working. Even better, consider lighting the path that leads up to your front door as a way to create an inviting atmosphere for all visitors! 

2. Chi energy can be flushed away wherever there are drains in the home.

After you’ve worked so hard to invite good energy into your home, you’ll want to keep it there! To keep the good forces of a home in, always keep toilet seats down. Plus, no buyer wants to look that closely at your toilet when they’re first touring your home! 

3. The master bedroom is a special place of importance. 

It is believed that the master bed is a place of honor, power, and protection, and therefore should be as far from the entryway of a room as possible, as well as facing toward the entryway. It’s even better if you can place the bed diagonally in the farther corner! 

You can also consider painting the master bedroom in soft tones of green, blue, and lavender. These colors promote serenity, relaxation, and romance. If you can’t paint the entire room, consider painting an accent wall. 

4. Create good flow.

No one likes to feel cramped, so you’ll want to be sure your home is filled with open pathways and is easy to navigate. You may need to reorganize cluttered spaces, get rid of furniture or just put it in storage while you’re showing the home. This is especially important in smaller rooms, as you’ll want to make the rooms feel and look bigger. 

5. The dining room symbolizes the energy and power of family togetherness.

During showings, it’s important that your dining table is clear and uncluttered. Consider using a simple tablecloth that adds a welcoming touch while softening any sharp corners. 

6. The windows are considered to be the eyes of the home.

Windows are often overlooked, but your might need a good cleaning before you show your home! Getting your windows professionally cleaned will help your home really sparkle and shine! 

7. Use water and plants to your advantage.

Consider playing a small fountain at the entrance of your home, or in the back left corner of the home (also called “the wealth corner”). Moving water is believed to circulate prosperity energy through the home. Displaying plants and flowers in corners of rooms throughout your home is a another attractive way to create harmony and energy.

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